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Globally, food deprivation still claims a child’s life every three seconds and nearly half of all deaths in children under 5 are attributable to undernutrition. Hunger and malnutrition are the biggest risks to health worldwide – greater than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. Undernutrition is the cause of around 45% of deaths among children under five. Children who live in extreme poverty in low-income countries, especially in remote areas, are more likely to be underfed and malnourished.

mission to feed the hungry

Our mission to feed the hungry is by working with local parishes and priests to prevent donor money from going to “administrative fees” of other non-profit organizations. We will vet any non-profit organization that we partner with to make sure we maximize the money reaching the people in need.

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It could include assets held in a brokerage trading account or Bonds, Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Options, Fixed Income investments, Used Cars, Gifts of Real Estate, Gifts of Insurance, Gift of a Closely Held Business, etc.

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