Our Story

The Catholic Connect Foundation was founded because we noticed there were so many great Catholic initiatives across the world but they were not always easy to find. Our goal is to make it easy to find any great initiative and help them fundraise more and raise awareness with our broad audience about what they do.

On top of that, when we spot a charitable need we raise awareness with our audience of over 8 million people that view our content per week and we mobilize our base and help bring much needed relief to what we believe in.


Why Give?

Our goal is to provide financial and marketing support to the organizations that need it most. We promote all types of organizations and even help them fundraise through our own marketing initiatives and then deliver the funds to them.  On the other hand, we also carry out our own charitable works to help bring relief to where we see a great need. We make sure to maximize the reach of every single dollar given by our donors and many times we do this by giving directly to parishes and priests that we personally know and trust.

Make a Difference

Every single person can make a difference. We want to extend our greatest appreciation to our donors for supporting our foundation. We als0 want to make sure that we create a ripple effect of charitable works through our example and help mobilize Catholics across the world to kickstart their own charitable projects within their own communities. We do this by delivering much needed guidance through the informational articles we create for all of our followers.

Events That We Endorse

Bycie chrześcijaninem to coś więcej niż tylko natychmiastowe nawrócenie - to codzienny proces, dzięki któremu stajesz się coraz bardziej podobny do Chrystusa.

Billy Graham

Ciemność nie może wypędzić ciemności; tylko światło może to zrobić. Nienawiść nie może wypędzić nienawiści; tylko miłość może to zrobić.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Bóg nie może dać nam szczęścia i pokoju bez Siebie, ponieważ go tam nie ma. Nie ma takiej rzeczy.

CS Lewis

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