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Fr. Tomas is a missionary priest that provides both spiritually and materially to the people he ministers to. The Catholic Connect Foundation is proud to partner with Fr. Tomas to provide support to the villages he ministers to.


Fr. Tomás needs our support.

The children that the Argentinian priest helps both spiritually and physically need our support. They are suffering from blisters all over their body that keeps popping and exposing their flesh causing much pain for the children and they suffer in silence. You can tell the kids suffer but not much has been able to be done as of yet. Hopefully, soon, they will be able to have the right medicine. Support Fr. Tomas Ravaioli by donating on the form above.

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The children of Papua New Guinea need our support

Children suffering in silence

Support Fr. Tomas Ravaioli
Support Fr. Tomas Ravaioli

The blisters that appear out of nowhere in the children’s skin are seen here. These are extremely painful for the kids but they never complain, they suffer in silence.

The blisters pop and expose the flesh, it is extremely heartbreaking and sad seeing the kids suffer through this, and with the support of everyone, we hope to find what causes this and bring the right medicine to these children.

Support Fr. Tomas Ravaioli

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The people of Papua New Guinea need medicine food clothing and more

"At the end of our life, we shall all be judged by charity."
- St. John of the Cross

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Originally from Argentina, Currently a missionary priest in Papua New Guinea. 

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WhatsApp : +675 7345 6479

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Support Fr. Tomas Ravaioli by praying and donating.

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