What to Know About Sex Trafficking and How You Can Help

You may not regularly see it on the news but sex trafficking is a huge and serious problem around the world.

Sex trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery that’s not only happening in the United States but in other countries as well. According to the FBI, sex trafficking is the world’s 2nd fastest growing criminal industry just behind drug trafficking.

The reason for that is because sex trafficking is a low risk but highly profitable industry. Also, its consumer demand is steadily increasing. Millions of women and children are becoming victims of sex trafficking each year. Despite these numbers, this crime continues to go underreported because of its covert nature. There are a lot of misconceptions and a lack of awareness about its indicators.

That’s why in this article, we’ll talk about sex trafficking and how you can help.

Understanding What Sex Trafficking Is

Sex trafficking is the process of harboring and transporting a person from one place to another just for the purpose of sexual exploitation. The victims involved in sex trafficking are usually children under the age of 18. They are forced into a situation of performing sexual acts to the trafficker’s customers.

Sex trafficking is happening everywhere even in common places such as schools or the workplace. That’s because a trafficker could be anyone. It could be your classmate, employer, family friend, acquaintance, a boyfriend/girlfriend, or someone you met online.

Everyone Could Be a Victim

Human trafficking can target both genders. However, the majority of victims are women and girls and most of them are sexually exploited. Statistics reported by the UN show that 51 percent of victims are women while another 20 percent are girls, accounting for 71 percent of victims.

Men and boys aren’t safe from sex trafficking. They can be victims of sex trafficking too. A study in 2016 shows that 36% of the children in the U.S sexual industry are boys. The number of sexually exploited boys is steadily increasing because law enforcement isn’t aware of the cases.

Connection of Porn to Sex Trafficking 

Many people watch porn to satisfy their sexual needs. However, some people have unusual sexual fantasies or fetishes that require a specific person and this creates the “supply and demand” for sex slaves.

To meet the demands of porn viewers, some porn directors or producers look into sex trafficking. It’s easy to film unusual porn videos with victims of sex trafficking since they have no options but to do what their customer wants. Also, traffickers and sex buyers get ideas from porn. This further increases the demand for sex slaves.

How You Can Stop Sex Trafficking? 

Sure, a single person can’t stop sex trafficking completely. But doing things do prevent it from happening can help in saving the lives of other people, and that would make a huge difference. It’s possible to stop sex trafficking in a particular area. People just need to be educated about the issue.

Having said that, consider arranging a meeting with your community about sex trafficking. Discuss the causes and effects of sex trafficking so people can understand it completely. Also, encourage people to have healthy behaviors in relationships and always offer help. Doing this can avoid traffickers from luring their victims.

More often than not, traffickers prey on emotionally deprived and desperate people. They take advantage of people who are struggling emotionally. So if people your community know where to seek help, the chances of traffickers luring their victims would be small.

If you can, contact your church and organize a charity for families who are having financial problems. Poverty also lures people into sex trafficking. Families who are having a hard time earning money often resort to prostitution, child sexual exploitation, and other sex services because it gives them easy money. 

Final Thoughts on Sex Trafficking and How You Can Help

Sex trafficking is an alarming criminal industry. Everyone, including you, could be its victim. So always trust the right person and always find ways to help the people you know who are vulnerable to traffickers.

Also, try to educate people you know about sex trafficking. If people are aware of its causes and effects, there’s a chance that they could avoid it.